Some of the most common questions asked are below along with the answers...

How do I know if you are legit?

Find out what my clients say about me by checking out my Google Reviews

How can I talk to you to find out if you can help me?

Book a call using the link below or send me a message using the contact me form below.

Can I book a zoom call with you to see if you can help me? And is it free?

You can book a free call with me on this link There is no charge for this!

Do I have to travel to see you in person?

No, all sessions are completed on Zoom so that you can work with us in the privacy of your own home. You get to choose where you want to locate yourself for our sessions.

How long does it take to be able to Co-Parent without conflict?

We run the coaching program for 8 weeks, additional time can be arranged subject to availability and agreement.


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Jenni Rock Coaching

Jenni Rock Coaching

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