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Take away the fear around the divorce finances

I guarantee my divorce strategies will save you thousands in legal fees, whether you are divorcing in the UK or in the USA.

CoParenting with a difficult ex?

I will share with you what the lawyers don’t tell you, and how to co-parent even if you have the ex from hell!

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Divorce solutions will guide you through the divorce process with independent and caring advice.

Divorce Solutions are a team of specialists offering expert, knowledgeable advice and guidance during separation and divorce. If you are separated or divorcing, Divorce Solutions will help make the process more manageable and more time and cost effective.

The Divorce Solutions team are on hand to recommend the most suitable legal process for your situation.

They will provide emotional support and practical advice. Divorce Solutions will remain at your side from start to finish so you don’t have to cope alone.

Family Law, Consultant Solicitor at Grand & Machyle

Dean Vickery

Dean will help you when making important decisions, without emotionally-clouded judgement. Whatever your Family Law matter relates to – divorce, financial matters concerning divorce, or children matters and whatever your current position is, Dean always has your best interests at heart.

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